February 13, 2016

Stop, Drop and Rollers


The Iowa State Fair held a record-setting gathering of fire safety enthusiasts. Rows of people wearing red t-shirts stopped, dropped and rolled around on the ground. There were 1,519 people participating in the demonstration. The day also marked the State Fire Marshal’s 100th anniversary. The last record was a measly 602 rolling humans so this […]

Experience the World’s Steepest Rollercoaster (Video)


The Japanese rollercoaster, called Takabisha, has the steepest drop in the world. It’s a stomach-churning 141-foot fall at 121 degrees. Located in the Fuji-Q Highland park, it officially opens to the public this weekend. Takabisha is Japanese for “Domineering”. You can experience the full 112-second ride including the frightening fall by watching the video. The […]