February 12, 2016

5 Stupid Celebrity Quotes


Everyone says dumb things from time to time. But most people aren’t being watched and listened to by millions of people. It’s probably best to never say anything in that situation. Then everyone would think you were the smartest and nicest celebrity ever, even if you were secretly a raging idiot.

Moose Drunk and Stuck in a Tree


A man in Sweden was minding his own business when he heard an odd roar coming from his neighbor’s garden. He went over to investigate and found an impossible situation. A moose was stuck in a tree. It appeared to be drunk on fermented apples. It was struggling in the branches of the tree and […]

Thieving Around One Another


A metal thief hid in a duct for over five hours after he heard someone else in the unused hospital he was stealing from. Some noises spooked him and he quickly concealed himself in a small space. He thought it was the police, but it turned out to be something much funnier. It was another […]

Plastic Highway Wrap


Mischievous teenagers are wreaking havoc in New Jersey. Four kids stretched plastic wrap across the highway right before a motorcyclist drove into it. The plastic was industrial strength, but the biker was not injured by the impact. He didn’t cling to it. Their plan was foiled. These are some dangerous teens driven by boredom. Earlier […]

Leisure Diving is the New Thing


You know how every few weeks there’s a New Thing? Well, it’s finally here and it’s all the rage. Leisure diving is when you dive into a pool in a leisurely position. Like reclining back, not a care in the world. You’re in mid-air hovering above the surface of the pool like it’s no big […]

Drunk Driver Claims He is God

Kandy Jones

He didn’t make a very compelling case. A man in Pontiac, Michigan was arrested for drunk driving and driving with a suspended license. He was pulled over by police after they caught him barreling down the wrong side of the road. With spit drooling down his chin, the 35-year-old man named Kandy Jones claimed that […]

National Planking Day

credit: Jacqui Anderson/Sarah Gottlieb

If you’ve never lied face down on the ground you should try it sometime. It’s all the rage and it’s taking over. Today is National Planking Day, where dozens or even hundreds of plankers will plank down and stare at gravel. It originated in Australia, but I don’t think you can hold something like this […]

Suspect has Pickled Sausage in his Pockets


A man was caught entering peoples’ homes in Bowling Green, Ohio and getting into their beds. He was described as “extremely drunk” and on various drugs. He first broke into a house and slipped into bed with the owner’s mother. He kept repeating that he was in “Woody’s house” while the old woman took him […]

Bank Robber Forgets Bag to Carry Money

photo by Daniel Borman

This story has it all. Bank robbery, bicycles, and a forgetful old man from Okeechobee. A 61-year-old man tried to pull off a heist and rob a PNC Bank in the oddly-named county in Florida. He shuffled up to the teller and handed her a note. Written on it was a demand for a sack […]

Drunken Joyride on a Stolen Lawnmower (Video)

Scag lawn mower

A man in East Lyme, Connecticut decided to grab the keys to a school’s lawnmower and hit the town. The 22-year old told police he had been searching for a place he could sleep on the school grounds. He spotted a trailer and broke inside to look for keys to get inside the school doors. […]