February 10, 2016

Old People are Crazy (8 Pics)


Once your face reaches a certain number of wrinkles, you can get away with anything. The older one gets past that point, the easier it is to act completely crazy. Nobody will try to stop the elderly. If they wanted to take over a small country like Vanuatu, they could. But it’s a lot more […]

Nursing Home Pranksters


A couple of California nursing home assistants thought it would be funny to slather dementia patients in slippery oil. So they’d be too slippery for the next shift to handle. Ok, it’s a little funny but only in theory. In reality it’s cruel and kind of sick. They covered seven dementia patients in ointment all […]

Teenagers Face Felony Charges For Throwing Eggs At Old Man


It takes a pretty pathetic human being to attack an old man. Three teenagers are currently facing felony charges for throwing eggs at an 83-year-old man. It might seem a bit absurd for the charges to be so heavy, but the justice system thinks its appropriate given the age of the victim. Tyler Zeringue, Justin […]