February 10, 2016

Unfortunate Mistakes and Accidents (8 Pics)


We all have little accidents every day. Stubbing toes, falling over and saying dumb things. Sometimes a much bigger accident happens and it’s all put into perspective. Like a tree falling and crashing into your room while you’re sleeping, narrowly missing your head as you wake to branches in your face. After clearing the leaves […]

How Many Layers of Bubble Wrap?


A professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University calculated how many layers of bubble wrap you’d need to survive falling from a 6th story window. There were many things to consider, such as the thickness, density and springy-ness of bubble wrap, and how much force you’d hit the ground with. The professor, Rhett Allain, masterfully […]

Synchronized Floating (Video)


A four-way float in a vertical wind tunnel. I don’t know how they do it, but it looks cool. The floaters are Havard from team Skywalkers, Raph and Ju from Team4Speed, and Alberto representing team Volare. The footage of this synchronized mid-air dance was filmed at the Skydive Arena in Prague. Now just imagine doing that […]

Sinkhole Opens Under Bed


This is a whole new kind of monster under the bed. A huge sinkhole opened up beneath a woman’s bed in Guatemala. There was a loud boom, and at first they had no idea what caused it. After searching the home, they found a dark hole under the bed. The ground gave way and left […]

Experience the World’s Steepest Rollercoaster (Video)


The Japanese rollercoaster, called Takabisha, has the steepest drop in the world. It’s a stomach-churning 141-foot fall at 121 degrees. Located in the Fuji-Q Highland park, it officially opens to the public this weekend. Takabisha is Japanese for “Domineering”. You can experience the full 112-second ride including the frightening fall by watching the video. The […]

Trapped by Falling Car Batteries


An employee at the University of Washington was working in a basement and had some unfortunate luck. A cart full of heavy car batteries somehow tipped over onto him. Over 3,000 pounds of battery toppled over on the worker. The man was trapped under the batteries for 15 minutes. He was pinned down like a […]

Baby Falls from 4th Floor Balcony and is Caught by Pedestrian


A random passerby saw a baby girl dangling from the rail of a balcony four stories up and rushed to help. It is not known how the 16-month-old baby managed to creep out the door and onto the railing. Helen Beard ran to catch the baby as it dangled. Everyone around screamed as she fell […]