February 9, 2016

9 Funny Food Festivals That Really Exist


With summer behind us, we say goodbye to festival season. All sorts of festivals. Tulips, music, hot air balloons, but most importantly, food. There are tons of great food festivals around the world. Then there are these. These might not offer the most appetizing fare, but they’re plenty fun nonetheless, so jump in the car, […]

The 9 Largest Concerts…Ever


As summer draws to a close, so does the season of music festivals, weekend-long affairs that consisting naturally smelly people (showering less than usual), beer, heat exhaustion, and more shirtless men than a ‘True Blood’ episode. Needless to say, we’re extremely sorry to see it go. Festivals, while springing up everywhere these days, are not […]

Floating Island Gone Missing

photo by Nick Caro

If you see a giant desert island floating by in the sky, don’t panic. You haven’t lost your mind yet. It’s a helium-filled art project that flew a little too far and disappeared. It’s called “Is Land” and it’s worth thousands of dollars. It was a part of a UK summer festival where it soared […]