February 14, 2016

Fireworks Can Be Deadly


A man was killed in a tragic and unfortunate accident involving a firecracker while celebrating the 4th of July. Austin McCloud was spending time with his wife and family, lighting off fireworks at night when he had a mishap. A firecracker possibly misfired and shot into his throat in a split second. He was leaning […]

Explosions in the Sky (Video)


Jeremiah Warren decided to celebrate the 4th with a new perspective. Blast off with these camera-mounted fireworks and see what it’s like to launch into the sky and explode into light and color. It’s a bit dizzying. Source: Jeremiah Warren

9 Examples of Fireworks Gone Wrong


What do Chinese New Year, the 4th of July, Major League Baseball Home Runs, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, really amazing Bar Mitzvahs, and the Rebellion’s Defeat of the Galactic Empire have in common? All are celebrated with fireworks. And rightly so, because fireworks are awesome. Unfortunately, they are also dangerous, and occasionally fatal. So this 4th […]