February 7, 2016

11 Amazing Home Aquariums


I’ve never really been keen on fish or aquariums, so I’m not sure what led me to do today’s list of cool fish tanks. But to be honest, now that I’ve seen just how potentially awesome fish tanks can be, I sort of want one. I still won’t get one, of course, because I’m too […]

Fisherman and Sea Lion in a Tug-of-War

photo by Andreas Bauer

An Oregon fisherman may have been in over his head when he decided to go one on one with a hungry sea lion. The animal swam up to his fishing line and chomped down on the 17-pound salmon he was reeling in. He had just caught the large chinook salmon and was pulling it to […]

Fishermen Paid to Catch Trash


Fishermen in the Mediterranean are being offered money to catch plastic litter floating in the water. It’s a chance to make extra income on the side and it will also relieve problems with some of the fish stocks getting low. Fleets that catch plastic will be helping to recycle and could even produce a self-sustained cash flow […]

Picture of the Day: Asian Supper


The demonic looking fish you see above looks to be a great value at $15.99, if you can bring yourself to ignore the enormous soulless eyes. And the teeth. My god, the teeth. According to Wikipedia, the Opah fish is popular in Hawaii, and only 35% of the fish is consumable, the rest being bones […]