February 12, 2016

9 Impressively Accurate Chocolate Sculptures


Finding a casual segue into the world of chocolate sculptures is no easy feat. There’s rarely anything in the news that causes one to go, “Oh! Speaking of which, have you checked out these freaky-real chocolate sculptures? They’re awesomesauce!” Well, here are some accurate chocolate sculptures. And that ARE awesomesauce. Except for a handful that […]

9 Incredibly Bizarre Canned Foods

bizarre canned foods

Whether you consider a particular food item to be disgusting or delicious depends on where you live. Though we here in North America might not enjoy partially developed duck fetuses, in the Philippines they are considered a delicacy. Meanwhile, I’m sure many people in the Philippines would consider some of our more “creative” fast-food items […]

Burglar Makes Bacon Breakfast


A thief responsible for multiple burglaries in St. Louis was caught in the home of his most recent heist. He was in the kitchen, frying up some bacon. The homeowner returned to her house from running errands. The man was inside cooking breakfast. He tried to keep her out by holding the front door shut […]

47-Foot Long Bratwurst (Video)


The Berghoff, a German restaurant located in Chicago, took on the ambitious task of cooking up the world’s largest bratwurst. The 47-footer was debuted at their annual Oktoberfest celebration. The brat weighed over 40 pounds and was encased in a 50-foot-long bun made by Highland Bakery. There was plenty of sausage to go around. And […]

Black Market Beef


Gangs of shoplifters are roaming the supermarkets in Tasmania and stealing meat. They’re taking advantage of the high cost by looting it and selling on the black meat market. Five shoplifters have already been arrested over the past two weeks, each with over $1,000 in stolen meats. Police are cracking down on the beef burglars, […]

9 Grossest International Delicacies


They say “to each their own,” but that’s only acceptable up to a certain point. The 9 entries on this list are well past such points. No matter how different our cultures are, it’s hard to get excited about the disgusting fare that some countries regard as delicacies. I’m sure that many people feel the […]

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs


This is what happens when a cereal is so good, so tasty it can drive you crazy. A man wielding a samurai sword was spotted by police walking along the interstate outside Merrillville, Indiana. He stood straight, marching along with the 35-inch sword pointed forward. He was shirtless. The sword moved back and forth in […]

9 Most Expensive Restaurant Dishes In The World

05_Flatbed_2 - AUGUST

They say America is the only country in the world where our poor people are fat, which is only half the truth. Our rich people are really fat, but they get overlooked. Well, no more. The rich should be fat. Not only can they afford to eat, but they can afford to eat well—dishes that […]

Back to Cannibalism


A vegetable farmer in Swaziland murdered his friend after getting into an argument. Then he ate part of the guy. The farmer cut off a section of the friend’s back, about the size of a steak, with the knife he had just used to kill. Then he popped it in the oven and cooked it. […]

9 Bizarrely Flavored Beers


Normally I try to craft some interesting or charming segue into the introduction of a list (“Summer is upon us,” etc.). Not today. Beer is a constant. There’s no real reason to talk about it, and there’s also no real reason to stop talking about it. Beer simply “is.” But occasionally, beer “is” more than […]