February 9, 2016

5 Funny Motivational Posters


Those motivational posters you always saw in your elementary school classroom would have been much better if they looked like these. These posters cut right to the truth of life and the universe. They are more helpful in providing wise insights into the journey of life in this bizarre world. Once learned, these lessons will […]

Old People are Crazy (8 Pics)


Once your face reaches a certain number of wrinkles, you can get away with anything. The older one gets past that point, the easier it is to act completely crazy. Nobody will try to stop the elderly. If they wanted to take over a small country like Vanuatu, they could. But it’s a lot more […]

Awkward Christmas Photos (6 Pics)


Usually an awkward photo means somebody blinked or looked too dumb. These are on a whole other level. What is it about putting up the tree and drinking egg nog that makes Uncle Frank want to pose nude? Don’t worry, it’s not weird. Everyone will just shift uncomfortably in their seats while they wait for […]

5 Messed Up Signs


Each one of these signs is confusing and weird. Some things seem lost in translation and convey something completely unintentional and nonsensical. If  you come across a sign like this, it might be best not to follow directions. Unless you’re looking for a professional for your mini horse.

Animal Behavior (8 Pics)


A dog’s favorite things include garbage, leftovers, trash, pillows, toilet paper and refuse. They’re just waiting for you to leave home for three minutes or more so they can commence a rampage into the smelliest parts of the house. And when you walk in the door, they sit still and look up at you with […]

Weird South Korea (13 Pics)


Our next installment in the ‘weird’ series shows a rather different side of South Korea. I think their proximity to Japan created some kind of weird wormhole into the minds some people there. The weird is channeled over the East Sea west of Japan. Once it travels into their brains, it takes hold and manifests […]

Society’s Daredevils (9 Pics)


A simple sign can’t hold back someone who lives on the fringe of what is socially acceptable. These dangerous hooligans will disobey at every turn. The signs keep popping up, but they offer no strong deterrent. The mischief only grows more rampant and defiant in the face of these authoritarian sign-makers.

Terrible Hairpieces (7 Pics)


You could spot these toupees miles away. Some of them look like dead muskrats. Others look like other dead animals. In any case, there is a disconnect between what they think it looks like and what others see.

Weird China (12 Pics)


The U.S. and Japan aren’t the only countries full of weird people doing weird things. China has such a large population that there’s bound to be some odd happenings. Here are some photos showing that citizens of China know how to go against the norm and go all out crazy.

Look at All These Turkeys! (14 Pics)


Happy Thanksgiving to all the oddball turkeys out there.