February 14, 2016

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs


This is what happens when a cereal is so good, so tasty it can drive you crazy. A man wielding a samurai sword was spotted by police walking along the interstate outside Merrillville, Indiana. He stood straight, marching along with the 35-inch sword pointed forward. He was shirtless. The sword moved back and forth in […]

Trapped Under Baggage


A worker at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was somehow trapped under a baggage carousel. He was providing├é┬ámaintenance when something went wrong. He became stuck in one of the conveyor belts. Another worker ran yelling for help and scissors. The plan was to cut him out of the predicament. He had already sustained injuries and […]

Two Girls and a Missing Goat


Two young girls were suspiciously walking a goat outside in their pajamas at 11:30 pm on a Saturday night. The police picked them up for questioning. After a brief interrogation they admitted their whole scheme. The 6 and 7-year-old saw a goat at the zoo and had to have it for their own. They managed […]

The Perfect Dump


Two partners in crime in Illinois were arrested for one of the biggest toilet paper related crimes of all time. The duo stole truckloads of toilet paper and plastic eating utensils worth $60,000 from the warehouse one of them worked in. Police were tipped off to check local flea markets, and sure enough, one of […]

Out of Milk Again? (Video)


This Japanese milk commercial is the strangest thing. I don’t think it can be explained in a rational way. It chronicles the journey that a mother and daughter must take when they find themselves out of milk. I imagine they do this on a weekly basis. Source: Short List

The Naked Rambler


52-year-old Stephen Gough can’t catch a break. He’s been in prison for most of the last 10 years because of who he is. He is… The Naked Rambler. Mr. Gough quit his job as a driver so he could take his clothes off and walk on a new journey. But the Scotland police don’t like […]

Thieving Around One Another


A metal thief hid in a duct for over five hours after he heard someone else in the unused hospital he was stealing from. Some noises spooked him and he quickly concealed himself in a small space. He thought it was the police, but it turned out to be something much funnier. It was another […]

Plastic Highway Wrap


Mischievous teenagers are wreaking havoc in New Jersey. Four kids stretched plastic wrap across the highway right before a motorcyclist drove into it. The plastic was industrial strength, but the biker was not injured by the impact. He didn’t cling to it. Their plan was foiled. These are some dangerous teens driven by boredom. Earlier […]

Nursing Home Pranksters


A couple of California nursing home assistants thought it would be funny to slather dementia patients in slippery oil. So they’d be too slippery for the next shift to handle. Ok, it’s a little funny but only in theory. In reality it’s cruel and kind of sick. They covered seven dementia patients in ointment all […]

Bodysnatching Pandas


A captive-born panda named Little Tao Tao has never seen a human face. The staff are careful not to introduce humans into the environment, since they want Tao Tao to be able to adapt in the wild. So the handlers that take care of him and his mother, Cao Cao, wear panda bear suits at […]