February 7, 2016

Beautiful National Tourist Routes In Norway (Gallery)


In recent years, Norway has undertaken a national promotion to increase tourism. One of the ways they have done that is by building gorgeous viewing and resting areas in some of the most stunning areas that Norway has to offer. The bold architecture highlights the natural scenery and makes unique areas even more remarkable. The […]

8 Incredible Pictures Of Agriculture From Space (Gallery)


I’ve always been fascinated by aerial photography. Seeing things from such a different vantage point than the one we are used to results in amazing images and gives you an entirely different way of looking at the world. Images from space are obviously even more illuminating. These eight images were taken from the International Space […]

Awesome Vintage Russian Advertising (Gallery)


Vintage advertising prints are a pretty standard easy way to decorate a wall, and I’ve always liked the look myself. But it’s sort of like tattoos, to take it to the next level you need something incomprehensible and yet still graphically gorgeous. Russian fits the bill. These Russian vintage ads range in time from 1890 […]

Beer Heaven (Gallery)


I’ve always thought someone should build a real life Duff Gardens, but it looks like we’ll have to settle for this Chechen brewing company / beer spa. The company is called Chodovar, and includes tours of it’s grounds and factory that include beer products, an awesome outdoor fountain with beer taps, and a spa area […]

How Do Women Think This Is A Good Look? (Gallery)


I’m not saying all women do by any means, I think only a very small minority think that these weird giant inflatable monster lips (so often combined with duck lips!) are a good idea, but it’s puzzling. These are clearly very vain women, and at some point they decided that what they really needed was […]

37 Hilariously Bizarre Pictures of Pregnant Women (Gallery)


Pregnancy makes everyone involved a little crazy, and with it being such a vulnerable, life changing, and hormonal time I think some weird judgment calls can get made. And you’ll see those strange judgment calls in this gallery of bizarre pregnancy pictures that women (sometimes with their husbands, sometimes with their other children …. sometimes […]

10 Black And White Pictures That Will Make You Say WTF (Gallery)


Old black and white pictures are something of an enigma. Generally when you see them online they are context free due to the age, and this adds an air of mystery to even the mundane family shots, let alone anything that’s actually strange. People of yesteryear clearly enjoyed taking pictures of odd things just as […]

Amazing House In Abandoned Cement Factory (Gallery)


Ricardo Bofill is a renowned Spanish post-modern architect who studied at the School of Architecture in Geneva, Switzerland and is known for many incredible projects including Barcelona’s airport and the United Building in Chicago. In 1973, Bofill bought a portion of an abandoned cement factory (pictured above) in Barcelona, and transformed it into an incredible […]