February 5, 2016

China’s Women Bodyguard Boot Camp (6 Pics)


This is some sort of training program for women body guards. They undergo a lot of trials to become battle-ready. Things like being yelled at and forced to carry a large piece of wood. I think it’s voluntary even though it looks like punishment.

Two Girls and a Missing Goat


Two young girls were suspiciously walking a goat outside in their pajamas at 11:30 pm on a Saturday night. The police picked them up for questioning. After a brief interrogation they admitted their whole scheme. The 6 and 7-year-old saw a goat at the zoo and had to have it for their own. They managed […]

Do You Need That for Evidence?


Two girls stole a home pregnancy test at a Rite Aid in New Jersey and used it in the store. Employees saw the two girls come in, grab a kit off the shelf and quickly walk to the back of the store. They were found hiding in the bathroom, huddled over the pregnancy kit. Except […]

Picture of the Day: Mirrors Are Tricky


Everyone knows that self shots posted on social networks and dating sites are suspect. It’s human nature to only want to display photos that put you in the best light, and so it’s not too surprising when you meet someone and they are a little different from their photos. Anyone who’s shocked by that is […]