February 13, 2016

Dump on a Dead Hedgehog


A man was arrested after defecating onto a dead hedgehog. Just as he was squatting over it with his pants around his ankles, a police officer drove by and saw him. When the officer asked him why he did it, the response was, “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.” There were a […]

The Loneliest Phone (Video)


A design researcher at the Berlin University of the Arts named Fabian Hemmert is inventing cell phones that will kiss you. Fabian believes there can be much more done with cell phones to create a physical experience. So far he’s developed prototypes with the ability to simulate kisses and breaths of air. There’s even one […]

Piglet with Mutant Head


A piglet was born in Guatemala with a strange mutation. It has an almost human-like head and a face that could be in a horror movie. The pig was born in a litter of 11. It was the only one with an oddly shaped head. Health officials state the reason for the mutation is probably […]

Hot Beef Injections


Some people will do anything for beauty, no matter how misguided. And sometimes they pay the ultimate price. A woman in Chicago injected hot beef fat directly into her face. The 63-year-old had apparently done similar injections to herself before, but this time it didn’t work so well. She injected the beef around her mouth […]

New York Giant Rat

photo: BlackandBrownNews.com

A photograph shows a ridiculously large rat proudly impaled on a pitchfork. The rat is about three feet from nose to tail. For decades New York has had legends of giant mutant rats roaming the sewers. Many believe it to be myth, but this might be hard evidence showing their existence. The housing worker who […]

Pass the Placenta


The doctor calls it bio-hazardous waste. But some people call it lunch. Some mothers are eating their placenta after giving birth. They believe there are health benefits to chowing down on the placenta. Even though there is no real research to back it up. But that’s ok, they’ll keep eatin’, and spreading the word, and putting placenta […]

No Urine Therapy Allowed


A man was fired from an Austrian museum for performing ‘urine therapy’. It’s simpler than it sounds. He just washed his hands and face with his own urine. He and other pee believers claim health benefits. Like a clear sheen to your complexion. Never mind the smell, it’s worth it. And it’s like recycling in […]

The Smelly Suspect


A man in Florida was arrested for trespassing at a park he was banned from. Well, police tried to arrest him, but they ran into a problem. The man refused to put his hands behind his back. He pulled away when the officer tried to grab his arm. Then the officer threatened to use his taser. […]

Back to Cannibalism


A vegetable farmer in Swaziland murdered his friend after getting into an argument. Then he ate part of the guy. The farmer cut off a section of the friend’s back, about the size of a steak, with the knife he had just used to kill. Then he popped it in the oven and cooked it. […]

The Carpet is Scorpions

Pet Scorpions

An apartment complex in China was crawling with hundreds of scorpions intentionally released inside. The real estate company of the building might have used them as a tactic to get tenants to vacate before starting a new construction project. A worker was seen carrying bucketfuls of poisonous scorpions and pouring them in apartment windows. One […]