February 12, 2016

Money Found in Toilet


It’s a mystery how a bunch of money ended up in a toilet of the Australian Channel Nine building. Police found $100,000 hidden in the bowl of a handicap toilet. Security cameras show the unidentified man walking into the bathroom carrying two large bags, but his face is unclear in the footage. Building cleaners found […]

Treat Yourself to Some Bear Bile


A study done in London shows that the bile of a bear may help to treat abnormal heart rhythms. This means it could help to treat victims of heart attacks. If the thought of it isn’t too gross, that is. The compound in the bile is called ursodeoxycholic acid. It’s already known to help reduce […]

Short-Shorts and a Show

photo by Jeff Turner

A man in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania subjected dozens of onlookers to his hairy thighs. He sported a pair of cut-off jeans described as “extremely short”. He squeezed into them and showed up at the All-American Plaza Clark’s Ferry truck stop late at night. He took his time in the spotlight to shout cuss words, grab his […]

What Long Nails You Have


A grandmother from Atlanta, Georgia has spent the last 22 years growing her fingernails to incredible lengths. She started growing them in her twenties, hoping to get on Oprah but she never made it. She spends eight hours a week at the salon and a fortune on upkeep. There are no plans to trim them […]

The Fart that Stopped Traffic


A man in Twinsburg, Ohio caused a traffic jam when he made a bizarre scene in the road. He slammed on the brakes and stopped his car in the middle of a busy road. Then he climbed out of the vehicle and started running around it in a circle, yelling out, “I have to fart!” […]

Seabird Pecks out Eye


A vacationing couple found an injured seabird on the beach that couldn’t walk or fly. They decided to help the little guy. Michael Buckland picked up the bird and they started to carry it to higher ground away from the tide. All hell broke loose when a small dog ran over and started barking at […]

Recycled Human Torso


Employees working at a recycling plant in Seattle had an unusual day. Among thousands of bottles, plastics and glass was something that stood out. A part of a man’s body came rolling down the conveyor belt. The human remains consisted of the man’s torso. Police are declaring it a homicide investigation and not an industrial […]

Brain-Eating Worms with Teeth


Straight from your nightmares, a couple discovered that they had flesh eating worms living in their bodies. The tiny worms can chew through any human tissue thanks to their sharp teeth. They think they got the worms from eating an infected fish. The parasitic worms are actually called gnathostomiasis larvae. They grow to about 1-3 […]

I Said, There’s a Moth in Your Ear


12-year-old Wade Schlote had a quick wake-me-up the other night as he was lying in bed. A moth crawled into his ear. A Miller moth creeped its way into the boy’s ear canal and burrowed in deep. It would not come out. Wade says he was in a lot of pain; it hurt so much […]

Everyone Loves a Bagelhead


Japan is always on the cutting edge of new trends. They’re so far ahead that this might seem ridiculous to you now. But in a few years you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without a bagelhead. People are getting saline and other fluids injected into their foreheads to create a new look. It’s like […]