February 12, 2016

Awkward Christmas Photos (6 Pics)


Usually an awkward photo means somebody blinked or looked too dumb. These are on a whole other level. What is it about putting up the tree and drinking egg nog that makes Uncle Frank want to pose nude? Don’t worry, it’s not weird. Everyone will just shift uncomfortably in their seats while they wait for […]

10 Unusual Christmas Trees


The holiday cheer manifests itself in bizarre ways sometimes. These people decided to channel their spirit into constructing the traditional Christmas tree in unusual ways. Like a tribute to Pacman or a pile of shopping carts; that one can certainly hold a lot of presents.

13 Examples Of Godawful Christmas Decorations

disturbing santa sex ornament

Don’t look now, folks, but Christmas is just about two weeks away. So if you haven’t brought your Christmas decorations down from the attic and dusted them off yet, you’d better hop to it this weekend. On the other hand, maybe it’s time to invest in some new decorations. That fake garland you had stuffed […]

9 Weird Christmas Albums To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

weird christmas albums

Even though they’ve been playing Christmas music through those tinny speakers at the grocery store since November 1, today the real countdown to everyone’s favorite holiday begins in earnest. This means that, finally, you can actually start listening to Christmas music without people thinking you’re some kind of weirdo—unless you happen to be listening to […]

Look at All These Turkeys! (14 Pics)


Happy Thanksgiving to all the oddball turkeys out there.

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving

turkey map

As you are undoubtedly aware, tomorrow we celebrate one of America’s favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. It’s the one day a year where we take time out of our busy schedules to eat way too much food, argue with family, and watch football. Okay, actually, when I put it like that, Thanksgiving kind of sounds like a […]

9 Dumbest American ‘Holidays’


Most of us are only really familiar with holidays that allow us to travel, drink, take time off of work, or all three. Well, that pretty much accounts for about eight days a year. That leaves 357 or 358 days per year that have no distinction. Or so you thought. It turns out that authorities […]

Employee Sends Taco Bell a Message


A Taco Bell employee finally had enough and decided to take off with his dignity. But first he rearranged the letters on the sign out front to send a message to the Taco Bell bigwigs. When he was done the sign read “I quit” with an extra little “Adam, F You” and a smiley-face at […]

Fireworks Can Be Deadly


A man was killed in a tragic and unfortunate accident involving a firecracker while celebrating the 4th of July. Austin McCloud was spending time with his wife and family, lighting off fireworks at night when he had a mishap. A firecracker possibly misfired and shot into his throat in a split second. He was leaning […]

National Planking Day

credit: Jacqui Anderson/Sarah Gottlieb

If you’ve never lied face down on the ground you should try it sometime. It’s all the rage and it’s taking over. Today is National Planking Day, where dozens or even hundreds of plankers will plank down and stare at gravel. It originated in Australia, but I don’t think you can hold something like this […]