February 12, 2016

Captain Save-A-Ho


A man in Iowa City who has vowed to protect women calls himself Captain Save-A-Ho. Unsurprisingly, he was arrested. The Captain was reported to the police after he was seen harassing and shouting at people at a shopping mall. He smelled strongly of alcohol and looked like he hadn’t bathed in days. He admitted to drinking but […]

Give Me All Your Cupcakes!


A man successfully robbed a cupcake shop in Denver, Colorado. He was unkempt, possibly homeless, and armed with a syringe. He entered the bakery and claimed he was holding a syringe filled with blood that was HIV-positive. He grabbed the cashier and threatened to inject her with his own diseased blood if she didn’t hand […]

Homeless Man Lives Inside Pipe (Pic)


Mao Li has been living inside a horizontal 6-foot concrete pipe for over a year. The 30-year-old man is proud of his cylindrical space; he installed a door, rugs, pillows and a wood floor. However, the police in Haikou, southern China are not allowing him to stay. He is being evicted from the pipe and […]

Homeless Men Were Paid To Be Beaten On Sex Film

Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 2.40.58 AM

Homeless men in St. Petersburg, Florida, claim that they are being paid $50 to be filmed in videos where they are beaten senseless by attractive young girls. One such man, George Grayson, says he was paid multiple times to be filmed in these videos. He needed the money. In each of these videos, as many […]

Picture of the Day: This Man’s Hair Frightens And Confuses Me


I’m not proud of the fact that the show Hoarders fascinates me, but it does, even despite the fact that I feel mildly ill every time I watch an episode. It feels exploitative of people who are mentally ill, and I know this, and yet I can’t look away. The feelings that show inspires in […]