February 11, 2016

Don’t Get to the Chopper


An elderly man is in critical condition after he accidentally walked into the blades of a helicopter. The 80-year-old was hospitalized after he walked out to meet the landing chopper and didn’t see the tail rotor. The moving blades struck him in the face before he knew what was happening. He is in critical condition. […]

Barfight Gets Toothy


The scene was described as “horrific, sickening and almost barbaric”. A man was the victim of a biter in a barfight in Liverpool. The fight started out normal. Then one of them decided he was going to come out on top no matter what. He started fighting dirty with his beer-stained chompers. The other guy […]

Sleeping Under the Sun


It’s probably not a good idea to strip naked and fall asleep on a boat dock under direct sunlight for hours. A man in Texas did just that. The 30-year-old woke up with second-degree burns all over his body. The worst of the burns covered 40 percent of him. That kind of sunburn makes a […]

19 Black Widow Bites


A man in Colorado died after finding 19 mysterious bites on his foot. Doctors believe he was bitten by one or more black widow spiders. 40-year-old Jeff Seale saw that he had a bunch of swelled red bites on his left foot. Two weeks later he was dead. He worked in a horse stable which […]

A Tail of a Whale

photo by Terry Howard

A 13-year-old boy was injured in New South Wales, Australia when a humpback whale struck the boat he was on with its tail. The whale surfaced from the water below and swept its tail into the small 5-meter boat with incredible force. The boy was in its path and was struck by the large tail. […]

Trapped by Falling Car Batteries


An employee at the University of Washington was working in a basement and had some unfortunate luck. A cart full of heavy car batteries somehow tipped over onto him. Over 3,000 pounds of battery toppled over on the worker. The man was trapped under the batteries for 15 minutes. He was pinned down like a […]