February 7, 2016

Freestyle Train Surfing (Video)


A couple of daredevils in India are hanging on the sides of trains for fun. They’re not even holding on very tightly. Instead they hop around, slapping poles and objects that whiz by their heads. There are moments where they narrowly dodge getting hit. Always with a smile and a freestyle attitude. Watch the video […]

Terrible Turtle Smugglers


Officials in Bangladesh caught a ring of turtle smugglers in the act and seized over 250 pounds of dried turtles. However, the smugglers themselves managed to escape. The turtles were captured in India and being smuggled over the border into Bangladesh. They would have been sold for use in turtle soups and medicines. Many turtles […]

Cop Shoots Self To Win Award for Bravery


While law enforcement officers and soldiers usually earn awards for getting injured in the line of duty, this is the first time we’ve been hearing about a cop who purposely shot himself to attain the prestigious award by injuring himself. The cop, named Rajguru, who is currently recovering in a hospital for his self-inflicted wounds […]

Disgruntled Employees Set Boss On Fire


As parts of India enter the 21st century with the rising popularity of Bollywood and the expansion of their very own “Silicon Valley” in Bangalore, other parts of the country remain beset by 20th century violence. Angry for being fired, workers at a steel factory in Orissa state burned alive a senior executive of the […]