February 12, 2016

Homemade Transformer (11 Pics)


This Autobot was handcrafted by a Chinese man whose love for Transformers shows in every detail of workmanship. The glowing blue eyes sit atop an aluminum body that is extremely mobile. And when necessary to complete the mission, it transforms into a fighter plane.

Jet-Powered School Bus (Video)


I wish I could have jumped into one of these when I was a kid. A school bus was fitted with some extra juice to propel it forward at insane speeds. These guys installed a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter jet engine onto the back of the bus. It rockets forward, shooting a plume of […]

9 Insane Experimental Aircraft That Actually Exist


Up in the air…it’s a bird…it’s an experimental plane…it’s…yeah, it’s an experimental plane. While many of the current aerospace projects are strictly classified, the planes that are both in development and those that have been abandoned represent some very progressive modern thinking and some truly baffling ideas from earlier eras. While some of these planes […]

Sunlight + Jet Exhaust = Deadly Toxic Gas


Using new measurement techniques, researchers have discovered that oil from jet engines can be transformed by sunlight. It turns into tiny deadly particles that can enter the lungs and brain and pollute the air. The danger occurs mostly when the jet is idling. Normally during flight the droplets of oil aren’t produced, but when idling […]

You Shouldn’t Try to Open an Airplane Door during Flight


A jet flying from Houston to Chicago had to make an early landing after a passenger tried to force open an emergency exit door. The plane was in high altitude at the time. The other passengers saw the man walk to the front of the plane and heard shouting. The man was yelling that he […]