February 14, 2016

Lightning Strikes Father and Son


In a weird coincidence, a father and son both died the same way: struck by lightning. But not at the same time. It was 48 years between each unfortunate demise. The son, 54-year-old Stephen Rooney, was at a barbecue with his family when it began to storm. Lightning struck the ground right where he was […]

Giant Monster Rats

photo by Dan Newling

Two babies in South Africa were thought to be killed by giant vicious rats. A 3-year-old girl was bitten and killed in her sleep, and another baby girl was attacked and killed by a similar rat. There have been more than a few sightings of rodents grown far larger than normal in the same area. […]

Chainsaw Found with Severed Head and Arm


There was a gruesome scene outside a vacant house in Houston. Police found a dismembered head and arm in a trash bag next to a chainsaw. The rest of the victim’s body was buried nearby. The main suspect is the man’s best friend of over 20 years and next-door neighbor. He has been taken into […]

Young Man Tries to Run Under Moving Truck


A fatal Easter in Australia; a group of friends were walking home on Easter night when one of them decided to leap under a truck passing by as a joke. It went terribly wrong when he was struck by the rear tires and pulled under. He suffered fatal injuries to his chest and upper body. […]