February 12, 2016

Severe Lightning Storms (10 Pics)


When things get electric, you probably want to seek cover and stay inside. But then you miss out on all the beautiful visuals. Purple skies and massive clouds lit up by flashes of lightning. The most serious weather patterns make for the best photos. Here you can enjoy without getting struck by a rogue bolt […]

9 World Records You Wouldn’t Want To Hold

world records you wouldn't want to hold

To be a record holder is a great distinction. But distinction isn’t always a good thing. Being the smelliest person in a room is a distinction, but few are in a hurry to claim that title. The nine records that follow are dubious at best, and downright awful at worst. So while everyone wants to […]

Lightning Strikes Father and Son


In a weird coincidence, a father and son both died the same way: struck by lightning. But not at the same time. It was 48 years between each unfortunate demise. The son, 54-year-old Stephen Rooney, was at a barbecue with his family when it began to storm. Lightning struck the ground right where he was […]

The Human Lightning Rod


Melvin Roberts of South Carolina is no stranger to electric current running through his body. He’s been struck by lightning six times. Melvin was outside his home trying to put a cover on his lawnmower during the most recent strike. After the lightning lit him up, his wife found him unconscious on the ground. He […]

Man Struck by Lightning and Walks Away…Twice! (Video)


Footage taken from a security camera shows a man walking down a street at night when he is suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning. He lies motionless, seemingly dead but then slowly starts moving. He struggles to his feet and stumbles just a few steps before he is struck a second time. And again, […]