February 10, 2016

Youngest Town Drag Queen


A 12-year-old boy was named the best drag queen at his town’s annual contest. Every year in Sticker, England men turn themselves into some weird-looking women to please the crowds. The boy’s persona was ‘Naughty Nora'; he danced around and sang “Thriller”. That was enough to sway the votes in his direction. He doesn’t just […]

Picture of the Day: Sensitive Fiance


Subtle. Something tells me this marriage might not be one that stands the test of time. Or this guy is just braindead and didn’t realize what shirt he picked out for his engagement photo, but I kind of refuse to believe he’s that dumb. I mean he looks pretty yokel-ish, but that’s going to another […]

Inflatable Sex-Raft Race (Video)


A strange event in Lithuania was planned to celebrate National Men’s Day – men grabbed inflatable sex dolls and jumped in a nearby river for a race to the finish. They used the dolls as rafts, paddling furiously against each other in an orgy of limbs. The winner took a quick lead. It looks like […]

12 Completely Bizarre Urinals (Gallery)


Bathrooms are generally pretty standard affairs. The variations you see are pretty mundane for the most part. Maybe some places have enclosed stalls, some older venues might have a trough instead of urinals. But for the most part it’s white porcelain, all the way. However, some bars and similar locations get more creative with their […]