February 13, 2016

A Bloated Disguise

The "before" photo

A woman visited a clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand to receive botox treatments in her face. A before photo was taken and then she went in for the treatment. After the injections she fled the clinic and skipped out on the $780 bill. She gave a false name and address to the staff and told […]

Money Found in Toilet


It’s a mystery how a bunch of money ended up in a toilet of the Australian Channel Nine building. Police found $100,000 hidden in the bowl of a handicap toilet. Security cameras show the unidentified man walking into the bathroom carrying two large bags, but his face is unclear in the footage. Building cleaners found […]

Ghost Town for Sale


The owner of 46 acres of land in South Dakota is putting it all up for sale. It just happens to include a creepy ghost town of abandoned old cottages, bars and restaurants. The once populated village, named Scenic, looks like it may be haunted. It was a railroad stop during the old west days […]

$4.5 Billion Gold-Plated Boat

photo by Stuart Hughes

This is a boat worthy of a James Bond chase sequence. The world’s most expensive yacht, a staggering 4.5 billion dollars, is covered in over 200,000 pounds of gold and platinum. The 100-foot-long super yacht came from the mind of UK designer Stuart Hughes. He calls it the “History Supreme”. More than half the boat […]

Chihuahua Foils Robbery (Video)


A tiny barking crusader took on two masked robbers that tried to clean out a smoke shop in California. They came in armed with a rifle and carrying a large backpack, demanding all of the owner’s money. The owner started placing money from the cash register into the backpack. As the robbers tried to hurry […]

The Most Dangerous Game

photo: Mork Encino, huntme4prey.com

An unemployed man has decided to create his own luck. He’s offering to be human prey for hunters in Utah. Anyone with $10,000 to spare can hunt 28-year-old Mork Encino through the mountains and woods of Utah as he runs for his dear life. Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten many offers since hunting a human is […]

Picture of the Day: The $99 Million ATM Receipt


Hedge fund manager David Tepper left behind this ATM receipt. I’m not sure why you’d have almost a hundred million dollars in a savings account, but maybe it’s just walking around money to Tepper. Someone needs to introduce him to some more exotic investments. Like CDs or low growth mutual funds. WHOO RISKY! More likely […]

9 Insane Bank Robberies


When asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, legendary bank robber Willie Sutton very famously replied, “because that’s where the money is.” Well actually, he didn’t say that. At least not according to his autobiography. However, he admits that, had someone actually asked the question, that’s probably what he would have said. Then he […]

Restaurant says “Get Out!”


Three Marie Callender’s restaurants closed down after the parent company filed for bankruptcy. Customers were sitting down in the middle of their meals when they were told to leave. Over 100 workers were out of a job before they knew what hit them. Employees and patrons had to file out of the dying restaurants before […]

It Wasn’t Me, it Was the One-Armed Man!


A bank in Albany, New York was robbed by a one-armed man. Police are still searching for the suspect; white male, 5’9″, missing a limb. He walked into a SEFCU credit union and demanded money from the teller. He was given an armful of cash and somehow managed to get it in a trash bag […]