February 8, 2016

To Sculpt and Paint with Cabbage (Video)


An artist named Ju Duoqi has been making art out of cabbages and other vegetables for the past five years. She spends hours at the Beijing market picking out cabbages of just the right shade and color to create textured works of art. The many pieces of plant are painstakingly carved into the right size […]

9 Lottery Winners Who Lost It All


Just about everyone daydreams about what they would do if they ever won that big lotto jackpot—even people like me who rarely, if ever, buy lottery tickets. But winning the lottery doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be living on Easy Street. In fact, judging by the hardships that befell all the people on this list, it […]

The Doctor of Dead People


A Canadian doctor might be seeing dead people, because he was billing for treating them. Dr. John van Olm from Calgary was found guilty for filing fraudulent records of patients treated. Between 2006 and 2007 there were several days he had listed treating up to 185 patients a day which isn’t even possible. Among the […]

The Most Effective Alarm Clock Ever Designed (Gallery)

Alarm Clock01

Everyone’s heard the phrase “time is money”, but this clock makes the saying literal as it runs currency through a shredder if you decide you’d like a few more minutes in bed. I’d use this, but I’d end up completely destitute after shredding all of my cash, and I don’t see the point in letting […]

Picture of the Day: Purse


We recently took a look at this interesting hair style that featured $1 bills, but this person is stepping up the game with $20s. I see at least $60 in there, which is a fair amount of money, but I’m needing more at this point. Surely someone out there’s a high roller and has glued […]

Bank Robber Forgets Bag to Carry Money

photo by Daniel Borman

This story has it all. Bank robbery, bicycles, and a forgetful old man from Okeechobee. A 61-year-old man tried to pull off a heist and rob a PNC Bank in the oddly-named county in Florida. He shuffled up to the teller and handed her a note. Written on it was a demand for a sack […]

Fishermen Paid to Catch Trash


Fishermen in the Mediterranean are being offered money to catch plastic litter floating in the water. It’s a chance to make extra income on the side and it will also relieve problems with some of the fish stocks getting low. Fleets that catch plastic will be helping to recycle and could even produce a self-sustained cash flow […]

Boy Needs Cancer Treatment, Sells 3,000 Drawings


A 5-year-old boy with cancer is selling drawings of monsters to help pay for his treatments. Aiden Reed, living in Kansas City, was diagnosed last September. The hospital bills were already coming in for chemotherapy and medications, and his parents were about to sell their house. But then he grabbed some markers and started drawing […]