February 6, 2016

Monkey, Dog, Man, Murder


Two men, a dog and a monkey were involved in a murder mystery in Vietnam. The bizarre sequence of events violently played out and left two dead in the aftermath. Can you guess which ones? The first one to go was the dog. Owned by one of the men, it was attacked by a monkey […]

Missing Monkey Head

photo by K. Yasuhara

An 86-year-old woman lost her giant monkey head. The Florida resident became heartbroken after it disappeared. She kept a stone statue of a monkey’s head in her yard for over 50 years. It was about 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall. The sad owner believes someone stole it and wrote a letter offering a […]

Dangerous Banana at Large


A renegade banana is out for revenge. A man in a banana suit attacked a Verizon store’s gorilla mascot without warning. The banana tackled the monkey outside the store. The manager saw it and quickly phoned the police. The two men in funny suits had a brawl before the gorilla ran away. The banana fled […]

Monkey See, Monkey Take


Photographer David Slater traveled to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia to snap some pictures. However, he was in for a surprise from a mischievous monkey. A black macaque monkey stole Mr. Slater’s camera and decided to take some pictures of his own. The animal went ape and posed for a bunch of self portraits in the […]

Burn the Monkey Witch


A South African mob killed a monkey who was accused of being a talking witch. A small vervet monkey wandered into the township of Kasigo outside Johannesburg. Local residents said the creature was visiting places around town and talking to people. So, like anyone would do, they brutally stoned and shot it. But that wasn’t […]

Pink Gorilla Bomb Threat (Video)


A giant stuffed pink gorilla was lying on the ground in someone’s front yard in Sacramento. Someone thought it was a dead person and called the cops. The police thought it was a suspicious scene. The pink gorilla was wearing human clothes. They thought, maybe this gorilla has a bomb. So they called in the […]