February 12, 2016

The Song that Never Ends


American avant-garde composer John Cage wanted to write and perform the longest song ever made. So long that he couldn’t perform it himself; he died in 1987. So the John Cage Organ Foundation constructed a machine to carry out the tune. The song began in 2001 and is now reaching its 10th anniversary. It’s not […]

The 9 Largest Concerts…Ever


As summer draws to a close, so does the season of music festivals, weekend-long affairs that consisting naturally smelly people (showering less than usual), beer, heat exhaustion, and more shirtless men than a ‘True Blood’ episode. Needless to say, we’re extremely sorry to see it go. Festivals, while springing up everywhere these days, are not […]

Human Pinball (Video)


This video is a really neat animation. It features humans acting as all the parts to a game of pinball. The video was created by stringing still images together to make a stop-motion type of animation. People are flying around, bumping, dinging, ringing, bleeping and blooping. And it has a happy ending. It was played […]

The Oomphalapompatronium (Video)


The what? It’s a weird-looking instrument with an even weirder name. The Oomphalapompatronium is a musical instrument created by Leonard Solomon. It’s got all sorts of doohickeys and is powered by a reservoir of air. Solomon has invented other instruments as well, such as the famous Bellowphone all the way back in 1985. He’s been […]

13 Unusual But Awesome Sets of Earbuds


When the iPod first came out, when it was still cool, those white earbuds were an indispensable facet of its coolness. They were totally distinctive and told everyone on that crowded bus how hip you were. Without them, you might as well be walking around with a Sony Discman. Today, now that just about everyone […]

Thousands of Karaoke Machines Seized


1,932 karaoke machines branded with counterfeit logos have been seized by customs officials. They were caught being shipped through Los Angeles and Long Beach ports in California. They came in boxes shipped from China. The total value of the equipment is over $1 million retail. But they were all branded with the SanDisk logo, a […]

9 Surprising Stories Behind Famous Rock ‘n’ Roll Lyrics


One of the best things about rock ‘n’ roll—in addition to the sex and drugs, of course—are the sweet, often obscure lyrics. Sometimes they’re political or spiritual, the rockers attempt to get serious; other times they’re just nonsense, the product of dope and booze. The best rock ‘n’ roll lyrics are the mysterious ones. Of […]

Picture of the Day: Is It Me You’re Looking For?


This Lionel Ritchie video has always been my favorite bad 80’s video, by far. I love the goofy story that it tells so cheesily, and I love Lionel’s ridiculous hair. It’s just a glorious music video. This telephone pole poster is just as awesome, especially when you notice how much detail was put into it […]