February 7, 2016

World’s Biggest Limo (8 Pics)


This hybrid limousine truck has everything you need for the best night of your life. It’s called the Midnight Rider, and people that have set foot inside call it a “night club on wheels”. It takes five people to run, including two drivers, a hostess and a couple of bartenders to keep the drinks coming. […]

Liechtenstein for a Night

photo by Michael Gredenberg

For just $70,000 you can have the country of Liechtenstein all to yourself for a night. The nation currently has about 35,000 people living there. Prince Hans-Adam II invites renters to come to his estate for drinks and a show of fireworks. You can also have a logo of your design carved into the snow […]

37,440 Exposures of Night Sky in One Photo


Photographer and Astronomer Nick Risinger created a mind-blowing image created from 37,440 photographs of the night skies. Mr. Risinger quit his job as a marketing director in Seattle to travel around the world and set up cameras in different locations. In all he covered over 60,000 miles to make the final product. Many of the […]