February 12, 2016

Weird South Korea (13 Pics)


Our next installment in the ‘weird’ series shows a rather different side of South Korea. I think their proximity to Japan created some kind of weird wormhole into the minds some people there. The weird is channeled over the East Sea west of Japan. Once it travels into their brains, it takes hold and manifests […]

Weird China (12 Pics)


The U.S. and Japan aren’t the only countries full of weird people doing weird things. China has such a large population that there’s bound to be some odd happenings. Here are some photos showing that citizens of China know how to go against the norm and go all out crazy.

Spontaneous Human Combustion


A 76-year-old man in Ireland was found burned to death in his home. Officials found no fire damage to his home. The man was alone in his sitting room. The only parts of the room that showed any sign of a fire were the floor and ceiling above where his body was found lying face […]

The Magnetized Cousins


Two cousins in the Serbian town Gornji Milanovac are able to act as human magnets. Their bodies attract metal objects that will stick to their skin. The ability went undiscovered until age 4 when his mother “found him with several spoons and forks hanging from his body.” Then the mother’s sister tried it on her […]

Toe-Thumbs Up

photo: PA

A man in Ireland had a grisly accident last year. 29-year-old James Byrne sawed his thumb off while cutting through a piece of wood. It couldn’t be reattached. Fortunately, the surgeons had another plan. They cut off one of his big toes and sewed it to his hand. The rare surgery involved reattaching bone, nerves, […]

9 Weirdest Hotels In America

Dog Park Inn

One of the best parts about traveling (for most people) is the opportunity to stay in luxurious or, at the very least, “nice” accommodations that allow you to relax in comfort, forgetting about the responsibilities of your life back home. However, there is a certain set of travelers that prefers more unusual excursions (sometimes even […]

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs


This is what happens when a cereal is so good, so tasty it can drive you crazy. A man wielding a samurai sword was spotted by police walking along the interstate outside Merrillville, Indiana. He stood straight, marching along with the 35-inch sword pointed forward. He was shirtless. The sword moved back and forth in […]

A Whale of a Tooth


A man wore a disguise and stole an 8-foot long whale tooth from a museum in Stavanger, Norway. The thief dressed in a black leather coat and hat and stealthily moved through the museum. He managed to grab the object from the exhibit and walk out of the museum carrying the giant tooth. Outside he […]

How Many Fingers?

photo by Robert Hruzek

A man from Cuba was given the nickname “Twenty-Four”. Can you guess why? Yoandri Hernandez Garrido was born with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. They’re not little malformed stubs either. We’re talking fully formed extra fingers and toes. Fully capable of keeping up with the normals. Twenty-Four considers them […]

Youngest Town Drag Queen


A 12-year-old boy was named the best drag queen at his town’s annual contest. Every year in Sticker, England men turn themselves into some weird-looking women to please the crowds. The boy’s persona was ‘Naughty Nora'; he danced around and sang “Thriller”. That was enough to sway the votes in his direction. He doesn’t just […]