February 12, 2016

The Song that Never Ends


American avant-garde composer John Cage wanted to write and perform the longest song ever made. So long that he couldn’t perform it himself; he died in 1987. So the John Cage Organ Foundation constructed a machine to carry out the tune. The song began in 2001 and is now reaching its 10th anniversary. It’s not […]

Pass the Placenta


The doctor calls it bio-hazardous waste. But some people call it lunch. Some mothers are eating their placenta after giving birth. They believe there are health benefits to chowing down on the placenta. Even though there is no real research to back it up. But that’s ok, they’ll keep eatin’, and spreading the word, and putting placenta […]

Man’s Uterus Removed


A man in India went to the doctor complaining of a stomach ache. He said he was feeling severe pains in his abdomen. The doctors expected a hernia, but they found something much weirder. The man had a uterus. A full female reproductive system was found in his lower abdomen. It was all there; ovaries, […]