February 14, 2016

#1 Twilight Fan (4 Pics)


The picture pages of this Facebook user show a disturbing devotion to the teen vampire Twilight series. Pose after pose imitating the actor Robert Pattinson as Edward. Much like the Twilight sequels, there seems no end in sight. She doesn’t have quite enough stubble yet to fully embody the look, but she’s getting there. If […]

How to Ruin a Photo (9 Pics)


You might know the impulse: you see someone getting ready to snap a photo of a group of friends and the urge becomes so strong to jump in with the first repulsive face you can manage. It’s almost impossible to hold yourself back, even when it’s just a group of strangers. To bomb a photo […]

Weird Signs and Warnings (7 Pics)


Some of these signs are funny, some are unnecessary and some are just weird. But they all serve a purpose, even if it’s just to laugh at them on the internet.I don’t think you could pay someone to try to sit on that fence. Maybe the sign was made to keep away birds and squirrels.I […]

Picture of the Day: The $99 Million ATM Receipt


Hedge fund manager David Tepper left behind this ATM receipt. I’m not sure why you’d have almost a hundred million dollars in a savings account, but maybe it’s just walking around money to Tepper. Someone needs to introduce him to some more exotic investments. Like CDs or low growth mutual funds. WHOO RISKY! More likely […]

Picture of the Day: Captured


Missing pet posters are pretty commonplace, but frustratingly you never get a resolution. This owner’s nice enough to provide an update on his missing companion, as the cat in question look on, wistfully remembering his all too brief time as a free feline.

Picture of the Day: Respecting Authority


Doing drugs on the hood of a police car is probably the apex of being a crack whore. There’s really nowhere to go from here but down, unfortunately.

Picture of the Day: Classy


I’m going to assume this is beer, and with that assumption I’m going to further suggest that this is the classiest way to drink beer possible. Forget keg stands, downing one of these bad boys should be a new party staple. What better way could there be to drink a gallon of beer?

Picture of the Day: Revenge For The Cone Of Shame


Dogs always look so guilty anyway when they’ve been bad, add in the cone and this is the most pitiful thing you will see all day. It’s actually sort of impressive that a dog could do so much damage with that on his head. So kudos for that. If you enjoyed this, check out another […]

Picture of the Day: Sensitive Fiance


Subtle. Something tells me this marriage might not be one that stands the test of time. Or this guy is just braindead and didn’t realize what shirt he picked out for his engagement photo, but I kind of refuse to believe he’s that dumb. I mean he looks pretty yokel-ish, but that’s going to another […]

Then and Now (Gallery)

Then and Now01

I think as everyone gets older they start to feel as if the passage of time speeds up. It’s particularly evident when you look old pictures that don’t feel terribly long ago and compare the changes in yourselves and the people (and animals and fashions, etc.) around you. Take a look at these pictures as […]