February 8, 2016

Breast Implants Behind the Scenes (10 Pics)


If you ever wanted to see what’s behind certain skins, now’s your chance. Breast implants are manufactured, molded and shaped into different sizes before they are shipped off to be surgically inserted into people.

9 Ridiculously Large Breast Implants


Yikes. If you ever want to get turned off of breasts for a while, spend a couple hours compiling a list like this. I mean, I’m over it and back into them, but there was a 30-minute span when I was just totally grossed out. Why do these women go to such extremes? They list […]

11 Unusual Addictions

People say they’re addicted to stuff all the time. They will say things like, “Oh, I’m addicted to chocolate” or, “Have you seen that new reality show on MTV about the drunken idiots? Yeah, I’m like totally addicted.” Of course, they don’t mean for us to believe they actually suffer from these strange addictions. It’s […]

Woman Unable to Close Her Eyes Due to Failed Plastic Surgery


A bad case of plastic surgery can cause facial deformities. In the case of one woman living in New Jersey, a recent plastic surgery operation has affected her ability to close her eyes. Marilyn Leisz of New Jersey is suing plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Parker for negligence for his “eyes-stuck-wide-open” surgery. Speaking to CBS, the […]