February 11, 2016

Tough Guy Competition 2012 (6 Pics)


The 2012 Tough Guy competition has men leaping through fire, leaping into mud, leaping off ropes, and sometimes tripping and falling. It’s a contest to see who is the toughest. And who can withstand the toughest obstacles deliberately placed in their way.

Race to the Bottom of the Sea


There has been newfound interest in deep sea exploration. Specifically, the lowest underwater depth on Earth. It was done over 50 years ago, but now technology may allow for a more thorough visit. The world’s deepest spot is 36,000 feet below the surface, located near Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Four different crews are building […]

Inflatable Sex-Raft Race (Video)


A strange event in Lithuania was planned to celebrate National Men’s Day – men grabbed inflatable sex dolls and jumped in a nearby river for a race to the finish. They used the dolls as rafts, paddling furiously against each other in an orgy of limbs. The winner took a quick lead. It looks like […]