February 8, 2016

Dog Rescued with Vegetable Oil


Animal Rescue in San Diego, California received a call about a dog that was trapped in a rocky crevice. The animal was walking on top of a boulder when it fell 15 feet and landed in a narrow space. The dog was stuck so tightly it couldn’t move. Rescuers tried to move the boulder with […]

Horse Backs into Pool


A horse had a mishap into a swimming pool in Melbourne, Florida. It wasn’t looking where it was backing up and lost its balance right into the drink. The horse snuck into the pool area through a gate that was left open. There were three boys swimming in the pool when the big horse was […]

How Many Skunks?


15 skunks. A couple in Florida lives with fifteen pet skunks. It all started when Don and Brenda Hoch saw one in a pet store (only in Florida..) and succumbed to his stinky cuteness. Since then they have taken in over a dozen more of the critters, realizing they had a special bond with them. […]

Man Stranded in Swamp Survives on Plants and Pee


A 65-year-old man went into Louisiana swamplands to photograph wood ducks. He went off the trail and when he tried to make his way back he became lost in the swamp. And he left his cell phone at the hotel. He decided to stay put and wait to be found. He was surrounded by thick […]