February 13, 2016

Driver Shot in Both Legs


A man driving in Tennessee had a handgun hidden under his seat. When he braked for a stoplight, the gun slid out and stopped at his feet. He reached down to pick it up even though it was hard to see. His finger wrapped around the trigger accidentally. The gun fired, a bullet went through […]

8-year-old Drives 100 miles


An eight-year-old boy managed to drive over 100 miles from Mississippi to Livingston Parish. His dad was passed out drunk in the seat next to him. The boy took the wheel of the pick-up truck when his father fell asleep after drinking too much alcohol. His 4-year-old sister was also in the vehicle. The father […]

Frozen Fish on Freeway


Free fish if you like ’em dirty, smelly and cooked on pavement. A truck’s worth of frozen fish toppled out when the 18-wheeler drove into a wall. The driver of the truck had to swerve to avoid hitting the car in front of him. His truck was torn open when the side ran against the […]

Watch for Concrete Explosions


The massive heat wave sweeping across the United States’ Midwest could cause more than just heat stroke. The street you’re walking on could explode right under your feet. Concrete can explode when stressed with excessive heat if there are small amounts of water trapped inside. Asphalt is more flexible and can withstand more stress, but […]

Walkin’ Down Bouncy Road (Video)


La ville molle (part III) from Raum Raum on Vimeo. An art installation in France shows what it would be like to walk on less solid ground. A moving, bouncy section of street makes a walking person feel confused, unbalanced and maybe a little drunk. The artist responsible for the unusual road is Benjamin Boré. […]