February 12, 2016

Gumby and the Corner Store Robbery (Video)


A San Diego 7-Eleven was almost robbed by a man in a Gumby suit. He wasn’t quite able to carry out his plan. Gumby entered the store and swaggered over to the clerk at the counter. He said, “this is a robbery.” The cashier thought it was a joke and went back to cleaning. Gumby […]

9 Most Expensive (And Daring) Art Heists


For many, myself included, it’s impossible to think of the phrase “art heist” and not conjure up and image of a man in a catsuit dancing over laser alarms, or a sharp dressed man coyly sliding a multi-million-dollar painting into a briefcase, then walking out amongst hundreds of similarly dressed men. A smaller group may […]

$10,000 in Hair Extensions Stolen

photo by Mike Krzeszak

A group of thieves stole $10,000 worth of hair extensions from a beauty salon in Georgia. It’s becoming a new trend in the area to rob salons for their supplies and pricey hairs. They hit this salon late at night and disappeared before police arrived. They drove their car over the sidewalk and rammed into […]