February 10, 2016

Crystal Caves


An astounding network of crystal caves was found by two miners in search of lead in Mexico. The caves run underneath the city of Naica. Giant crystal formations fill the caves, shooting every which way from the floor, walls and ceiling. Some of the crystals extend up to 11 meters long. Scientists are trying to […]

Toad Returns after 87 Years


The Borneo rainbow toad has not been seen for the last 87 years. The last sighting was in 1924 by European explorers. After looking all over the mountains of Borneo, scientists finally found one of them! They took a photograph of an adult female toad in Penrissen, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. The colorful and bumpy creature […]

9 Ideas From Star Trek That Came True

9 Ideas From Star Trek That Came True

Without a doubt, Star Trek is the most beloved and influential science fiction franchise of all time. And one key element to the success of the franchise must certainly be the optimistic outlook instilled by creator Gene Roddenberry. Who wouldn’t want to live in an age of relative intergalactic peace, prosperity, and cooperation? However, like […]

Spongebob on Shrooms

photo: Tom Bruns, U.C. Berkeley

A new species of mushroom discovered in the forests of Borneo has some unique characteristics. Colored bright orange and white, the textured shroom smells musty and fruity. It resembles a sponge more than a typical mushroom. When it dries out it can adapt and revive itself by absorbing water and expanding. When the fungus is […]

Laser Made from Humans and Jellyfish


The first living laser has been created by researchers at Harvard University. A laser beam was formed by combining proteins from jellyfish and humans into a biological cell. Jellyfish use a fluorescent green protein called GFP within their bodies. The scientists combined this with proteins from human kidney cells and placed them between two mirrors. They shot […]

The Moon Explodes with Light


Well, it didn’t actually explode. This photograph taken in Wyoming shows the Earth’s moon in a whole new radiant light. The picture was made by stitching together a series of photographs taken by Robert Arn at different times during one night. The structure on the right, the Ames Monument, sits along the transcontinental railroad. As […]

Sunlight + Jet Exhaust = Deadly Toxic Gas


Using new measurement techniques, researchers have discovered that oil from jet engines can be transformed by sunlight. It turns into tiny deadly particles that can enter the lungs and brain and pollute the air. The danger occurs mostly when the jet is idling. Normally during flight the droplets of oil aren’t produced, but when idling […]

The Early 1900’s Odd Defense Against Tornadoes


An article from NPR reveals how people approached the threat of deadly tornadoes in the early 20th century. They had some absurd ideas on how to combat against the destructive winds of a powerful tornado. Mass panic began to spread about tornadoes in the late 1890’s. Not much serious study had been done about them […]

Dogs Might Detect Cancer through Smell


Scientists are uncovering clues about the human breath and how it might allow dogs to detect signs of cancer in humans. The human breath is an intricate puzzle of hundreds of molecules that can contain information on a person’s health. A dog’s sense of smell is up to a million times stronger than a human […]

Earth and the Universe in Time-Lapse (Video)


A mind-blowing video was captured showing time-lapsed landscapes, weather, natural phenomena and the science of life within space. This is shot beautifully, contrasting different climates and landscapes with an ever-changing Milky Way in the skies. The footage was recorded by Terje Sorgjerd in just seven days. It was shot from the top of El Teide, […]