February 14, 2016

People Falling (7 Pics)


The feeling of falling is disorienting. You don’t know where you are in space or how long until your momentum is stopped by the immovable floor. All you can do is wait for the end. When your inner ear can sense balance again and you come back from the confusion of the fall. You come […]

Leisure Diving is the New Thing


You know how every few weeks there’s a New Thing? Well, it’s finally here and it’s all the rage. Leisure diving is when you dive into a pool in a leisurely position. Like reclining back, not a care in the world. You’re in mid-air hovering above the surface of the pool like it’s no big […]

Dangerous Banana at Large


A renegade banana is out for revenge. A man in a banana suit attacked a Verizon store’s gorilla mascot without warning. The banana tackled the monkey outside the store. The manager saw it and quickly phoned the police. The two men in funny suits had a brawl before the gorilla ran away. The banana fled […]

Monkey See, Monkey Take


Photographer David Slater traveled to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia to snap some pictures. However, he was in for a surprise from a mischievous monkey. A black macaque monkey stole Mr. Slater’s camera and decided to take some pictures of his own. The animal went ape and posed for a bunch of self portraits in the […]

Dog Versus Armadillo


Michelle Lynch was not happy to discover a thriving armadillo population appearing outside her condo in Florida. Since they have very few natural predators, the armored animals are stopping by to visit more and more often. Ms. Lynch’s dog took off chasing one and got into a bit of a brawl. During the chaos, the […]