February 7, 2016

Cows Listen to Jazz (Video)


I never knew cows were musically inclined. But these ones seem to enjoy milling around and listening to the soothing sounds of jazz band The New Hot 5. The group was nice enough to play for the herd in Autrans, France. Watch as the cows gather around and creep closer and closer while the band […]

The Song that Never Ends


American avant-garde composer John Cage wanted to write and perform the longest song ever made. So long that he couldn’t perform it himself; he died in 1987. So the John Cage Organ Foundation constructed a machine to carry out the tune. The song began in 2001 and is now reaching its 10th anniversary. It’s not […]

Its Genitals are Deafening

photo by Piet Spaans

The male lesser water boatman is the loudest insect on Earth relative to its size. It lets loose a mating call that reaches 99.2 decibals. That’s about the same as standing in front of an oncoming freight train. The noise is so loud you can even hear them from the bottom of a river. And […]

The Oomphalapompatronium (Video)


The what? It’s a weird-looking instrument with an even weirder name. The Oomphalapompatronium is a musical instrument created by Leonard Solomon. It’s got all sorts of doohickeys and is powered by a reservoir of air. Solomon has invented other instruments as well, such as the famous Bellowphone all the way back in 1985. He’s been […]

Hear the Mysterious Hum


A low humming sound has come to Woodland, a small town in England. With only a population of 300, the normally-quiet streets are being searched for the unknown hum. Unable to find the source of the noise, the residents have called on the city council to figure it out. Similar hums have been heard before. […]

This just in: Cicadas are Really Loud


The unrelenting hissing drones on when these bugs come to town. Every 13 years or so the cicadas fly in and make a whole lot of noise. Recently a professor actually measured the wall of sound at 86 decibals. 86 decibals is about the same loudness as a train whistle. It’s much louder than human […]