February 10, 2016

Dress Made from Spider Silk (6 Pics)


This eye-catching garment was made entirely with spider silk. The threads were from spiders in Madagascar. They were collected by hand. I’ve had nightmares that went a lot like that, but instead of collecting them I was screaming in pure terror.

Huge Orb-Weaver Spider Webs (5 Pics)


Darwin’s bark spider is able to create one of the largest orb webs in the world. The webs have been recorded between 900 and 28,000 cm2 with anchor lines running up to 25 meters. The spider was only just discovered in Madagascar in 2009. Pretty soon they’ll be catching humans and vehicles in their death […]

19 Black Widow Bites


A man in Colorado died after finding 19 mysterious bites on his foot. Doctors believe he was bitten by one or more black widow spiders. 40-year-old Jeff Seale saw that he had a bunch of swelled red bites on his left foot. Two weeks later he was dead. He worked in a horse stable which […]

Monstrous 82-foot Spider Web Discovered

photo by M. Kuntner

It looks like something made by a behemoth spider from prehistoric times. A massive web was found hanging in the trees of Madagascar. At 82 feet wide it’s the largest web ever recorded. It was spun by a female Darwin’s bark spider, a native species to Madagascar known for it’s huge orb webs. The species […]