February 10, 2016

WTF is Happening? (8 Pics)


You woke up today with a peculiar feeling. Something odd is happening in the world. Did you cross over into a parallel existence or did everyone else? If you can figure out what’s going on you will find the answer. Good luck.

Weirdos from Planet Earth (8 Pics)


Everyone is weird in their own ways. But some people show more than others. Some try to hide the strange. Others display it in public. Maybe that’s a good thing; to remind us that the world is a big place with many people. And all of them are weirdos.

9 Weird Liquors From Around The World

weird liquors from around the world

Despite all of our differences—ethnic, religious, geographical, political—the one thing that binds us human beings together as a species is our need to get drunk. From the dawn of time, almost every culture all over the world has figured out ingenious and (sometimes) tasty ways to make (and ingest) alcoholic beverages. Today, certain methods for […]

Piglet with Mutant Head


A piglet was born in Guatemala with a strange mutation. It has an almost human-like head and a face that could be in a horror movie. The pig was born in a litter of 11. It was the only one with an oddly shaped head. Health officials state the reason for the mutation is probably […]

Two-Headed Cow


A farmer came upon a strange sight in his Oklahoma fields of cattle. He was doing a cow head count for the day when he did a double-take. That cow had one two many heads. There was a two-headed calf laying in the grass. It hadn’t been there the day before. The young cow had […]

Lightning Strikes Father and Son


In a weird coincidence, a father and son both died the same way: struck by lightning. But not at the same time. It was 48 years between each unfortunate demise. The son, 54-year-old Stephen Rooney, was at a barbecue with his family when it began to storm. Lightning struck the ground right where he was […]

Ninjas Run the Streets in Pittsburgh

ninja eyes

Ninjas have begun an invasion of Pittsburgh it seems. There has been a string of unusual crimes by masked vigilantes with no explanation or reason. It started with two sword-wielding ninjas robbing a gas station for cigarettes, cash and lottery tickets. They disappeared into the shadows and left no leads to any suspects. “It’s shocking,” […]

13 Weirdest Museums in the World


When you think of museums, places like the Smithsonian or the Louvre probably come to mind—you know, places that celebrate and preserve humankind’s greatest cultural and scientific achievements. You probably don’t have in mind places that preserve the history of the funeral industry, or toilets, or barbed wire. But these places exist nonetheless, and I’m […]

9 Bizarre Fruits That Belong in a Sci Fi Movie


Fruit is both good for you and super tasty, but rarely are we exposed to anything other than the apples, oranges, bananas, and assorted berries found at our local grocery store. Yet there is a whole world of exotic produce out there, usually from far-away lands. And, admittedly, while some of them just sound plain […]