February 9, 2016

Mathematical Tattoos (10 Pics)


How does one become mathematical? These people have such a passion for math that they went beyond solving equations. The numbers are drawn into their skin for life. Tattooed on the neck, arms, legs, hands, fingers. What does x equal? How many Pythagorean theorems can you fit on a naked body? What is the square […]

Picture of the Day: Handlebars


I’m not really sure what goes through someone’s head when they get a tattoo so blatantly sexual, but as the internet will attest, it probably happens more than you think. With any tattoo I think it’s obviously important to think about how you might evolve as a person, and what you might think of it […]

Picture Of The Day: Horny


Everyone knows a guy who knows a guy that got a Chinese character tattoo that ended up meaning “sexy ladyboy” or something ridiculous instead of “Courage” like the recipient wanted, but I’ve never considered if the alternate might be true with English words and tattoos in other parts of the world. Assuming this is legit, […]

Nipple Tattoos (Gallery)


People will obsess over absolutely everything to do with their bodies, but this is a new one to me. This guy apparently felt his nipples were a little on the small side. And I suppose they were, but who in their right mind would care? Male nipples are one of the least noticed things on […]