February 7, 2016

The Perfect Dump


Two partners in crime in Illinois were arrested for one of the biggest toilet paper related crimes of all time. The duo stole truckloads of toilet paper and plastic eating utensils worth $60,000 from the warehouse one of them worked in. Police were tipped off to check local flea markets, and sure enough, one of […]

The Toilet Paper Caper


It’s like the old trick when a magician just keeps pulling more and more colored ribbon from his sleeve. Except this time it’s an ordinary man with endless toilet paper coming out his pants. A suspicious man was stopped after leaving Lawrence City Hall in Massachusetts. He was spotted on security cameras taking a case […]

9 Insane Bank Robberies


When asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, legendary bank robber Willie Sutton very famously replied, “because that’s where the money is.” Well actually, he didn’t say that. At least not according to his autobiography. However, he admits that, had someone actually asked the question, that’s probably what he would have said. Then he […]

Man Faces Felony Charge for Stealing Nacho Cheese


A man bought a packaged bag of chips in a Chicago 7-Eleven, opened it and started pumping cheese from the snack bar into the bag. The cashier told him he wasn’t allowed to use the cheese that way. That cheese was only for containers of nachos from the snack bar. The man ignored the clerk […]

Drunken Joyride on a Stolen Lawnmower (Video)

Scag lawn mower

A man in East Lyme, Connecticut decided to grab the keys to a school’s lawnmower and hit the town. The 22-year old told police he had been searching for a place he could sleep on the school grounds. He spotted a trailer and broke inside to look for keys to get inside the school doors. […]

Man Goes to Trial for Theft of 99-cent Hot Dog

hot dog

A man was shopping at a Mitchell’s grocery store in Spokane, WA and made a hot dog at a self serve station. He then paid about $30 for his groceries, but forgot the 99 cents for the hot dog. The owners of the store, apparently outraged at his mistake, decided to call the police. The […]

Millionaire Uses Lost Credit Card to Buy $40 Pizza


Police in Polk County, Florida arrested a man for using a college student’s credit card, which had been reported missing, to pay for a $40 pizza. This would have been the end of the story, had the man not bragged about having millions of dollars in net worth. According to the cops, Richard Lewis Ludwig […]