February 7, 2016

10 Presents of the Past


Unlike some awful things, the items below would be incredible to receive as gifts for the holidays. Except most of them are only a wistful memory of what was known as the 1990s. Maybe you still have some of them lying around, in which case you should probably keep it to yourself. These artifacts are […]

6 Toys from Films


I know what you’re thinking in your brain. The Batmobile is not a toy! Neither is an R2-D2 sweater, but that’s what I wrote and there’s no going back. Only to the future can we run. Grab your gun, James, and let’s go!

Cool Things to Buy (8 Pics)


All of these things are pretty cool. They aren’t useless. You’d like to have them. Maybe you can purchase them if you can find them. Except maybe the tree mansion. But you could build that with enough time and lumber. Everything else you could find in a store somewhere that sells cool things.

9 Cool Product Ideas


You know you need more useless trinkets to place around your home. These are some ideas for cool yet pointless things you might think about buying. They can all be found, but I have no idea what kind of shop they’d be hidden away in.

Freaky Stuffed Toys (9 Pics)

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

These toys would probably give many kids nightmares for years to come. Where does one even buy some of these? There must be some creepy back-alley shop where messed up elves slave away at their sick craft. This is what happens when the creator is given complete freedom.

The 9 Fastest Production Cars of 2011


Is there anything cooler than a ridiculously fast car? Granted, it’s all relative to the era, but I’m going to hazard a guess that all the cars on this list will enjoy notoriety for quite some time, especially considering that the fastest few are closer to 300 mph than they are to 200. What will […]

9 Insane LEGO Creations


In 1949, a Danish toy company called LEGO began making a line of interlocking plastic blocks called “Automatic Binding Bricks.” Each block had round plastic studs on top that fit snugly into the completely hollow rectangular undersides of other blocks. A good idea, sure, but it wasn’t LEGO who actually came up with it. In […]