February 7, 2016

Hail Will Not Deter This Brave Man From Mowing His Lawn (Video)


Sometimes when you get your mind set to do something, by god you are going to do it, come hell or high water. Or golf ball sized hail. But really, who amongst us hasn’t gotten caught out in a hail storm on a riding lawn mower? The puzzling thing is that judging by his beard […]

Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel (Video)


This family’s greyhound did what greyhound’s do, and killed a squirrel, which this little girl subsequently picked up. And, um, played with. All while being videotaped, because CUTE! Some will suggest that this is good parenting, not freaking out about death or being squeamish and what not, but holy god I can’t watch this without […]

WTF Japan Seriously!? (Video)


Oh, Japan, I just don’t even know what to say. The twisted things that come out of that country are hilarious. This seems to be a …. um … human milk factory. It doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to produce milk, but I suppose there might be a market for this sort of […]

9 Horrifying Clown-Related Videos


When you think about it, clowns really are one of our most fascinating cultural artifacts. This is because clowns are supposed to amuse and entertain us and yet, somehow, they are almost always walking a fine line between cute and creepy, fun and freaky, hilarious and horrifying. And, moreover, when they cross that fine line, […]

14 Ridiculous Local TV Ads


Local TV ads: everyone loves ‘em, every town has ‘em. Hilarious, bizarre, embarrassing, or sometimes—if we’re lucky—downright offensive, people tend to remember and talk about these quirky ads so much that they become part of their civic identity. We bond over common knowledge of stupid theme songs and catch phrases. And now, thanks to the […]