February 12, 2016

House with a Nuclear Silo (9 Pics)


For only $750,000 you can live in a nuclear silo and launch pad converted into a modern luxury home. Located in Saranac, New York, the “Silo Home” was formerly a nuclear missile silo in the 1950’s. It’s no longer active so you can’t use it in your plans for world domination.

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Veterans Day


Tomorrow is Veterans Day, a federal holiday brought about almost a century ago to honor all the US servicemen and women who have served their country. While it might not be as well known as other federal holidays, tens of millions of people celebrate. Here are a few facts about Veterans Day you may not […]

9 Most Deadly Genocides In History

9 most deadly genocides in history

While there are certainly no shortage of atrocities that would fit the bill for this list, I have decided to exclude many of the injustices that spanned decades or even centuries. As such, the colonizations of the Americas, Africa, and the westward expansion of the United States won’t appear on the list, despite the fact […]

9 Fascinating American Militias


The depiction of militias in recent history has not been particularly positive or dignified. The portrayals conjure up images of survivalist woodsmen printing their own money and besmirching the trajectory of our values. Well, that’s not all militias. The definition of “militia” is a bit broader than the military groups that view the US government […]

9 Insane CIA Operations That Really Happened


The CIA has never been known as your friendly neighborhood intelligence-gathering agency. In fact, it’s established a pretty strong reputation for some underhanded techiniques that go way beyond the realm of intelligence. While most of these operations were kept covert during their implementation, the truth got out and most of the below incidents are generally […]

Battle of the Post-Its

'Post-it War' on windows between two company buildings, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France - 01 Aug 2011

There is currently a war going in the streets of Paris. Images made from Post-its are popping up on buildings and windows. It’s being waged by French companies Ubisoft and BNP. It’s not clear what either side is after. But they won’t stop until they get it. Until then, the front lines will be sticking […]

9 Saints and Popes Who Were Also Warlords


When you say someone is a saint, you mean they are kindhearted and selfless. And when you think of the pope, many think of John Paul II, the man who went to prison and forgave the man who almost murdered him face-to-face. But popes and saints were not always to gentle and unworldly. Back in […]

The Helicopter Chopper


A man tried to attack a helicopter with an ax in Queensland, Australia. Brian Law, a 57-year-old member of the Peace Convergence group, mounted his attack at a helicopter that was grounded at an airport. The man was involved in anti-war protests, but this time he took it a step further. He claims he was only fulfilling […]

Man Shot by Cannon at WW2 Re-enactment


It was not intentional, despite all the pretend battle and warfare going on. The cannon was loaded with a blank, but malfunctioned somehow and exploded. It fired a piece of metal into a man’s leg as he took part in a WW2-themed 4th of July parade. The 46-year-old man, Kevin Roche, was dressed as a […]

12 Badass Dogs of War


With the execution/assassination of bin Laden dominating the news, rumors have surfaced that a dog was part of the team sent in to dispatch the world most wanted terrorist. No government officials have confirmed or denied this, but it remains a possibility. If a canine was involved in the operation, it could have served several […]