February 11, 2016

Finally Fixed that Leak


At Fort Morgan in Alabama, there has been a leak for the past 160 years. Since before the civil war, water has been seeping through cracks and walls, and doing damage to the structure of the fort. Well, it only took over a century and a half to fix the problem. After a three-year restoration […]

Live in a Submarine


A New York apartment has been converted into a two-room submarine. It only costs 1.75 million dollars to live in. The above-water submarine was created by 32-year-old Jeremy Noritz, a former welder. The door to get inside is a heavy steel submarine door. There are crazy rainbow lights inside that make dreamlike patterns and movements […]

Swimming Pool Stolen


How do you steal a swimming pool? It must have been a determined group of thieves. People are doing anything to cool off in the blistering heat waves. In Texas, a woman’s swimming pool was lifted right out of her back yard. A 10-foot-tall pool filled with water and complete with slide. That has to […]

Horse Backs into Pool


A horse had a mishap into a swimming pool in Melbourne, Florida. It wasn’t looking where it was backing up and lost its balance right into the drink. The horse snuck into the pool area through a gate that was left open. There were three boys swimming in the pool when the big horse was […]

Fish Discovered Using Tools

photo by Scott Gardner

The first fish to ever use a tool was discovered by a diver. Scott Gardner was exploring underwater in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef when he heard a cracking sound. When he investigated, he saw a blackspot tuskfish using a rock to open a clam. It held the clam in its mouth and hit it against […]

A Tail of a Whale

photo by Terry Howard

A 13-year-old boy was injured in New South Wales, Australia when a humpback whale struck the boat he was on with its tail. The whale surfaced from the water below and swept its tail into the small 5-meter boat with incredible force. The boy was in its path and was struck by the large tail. […]

Dogs vs. Sprinklers (Gallery)

Dog vs Sprinkler01

This is one of my favorite photo galleries we’ve done here at Oddball Daily, and very appropriate as get into the heart of summer. Here are 20 dogs facing off against the arch nemesis lurking in many a dog’s backyard: the sprinkler.

Owl Taints Water Supply


An owl decided to make his home directly above the water supply in Weston, Oregon. It wasn’t long before the entire supply was tainted with his poop. Public works employees detected E. coli bacteria when testing the water. They discovered the owl’s nest perched above the large tank of water, which goes to the town’s […]

Watch Out for Rock Snot


Freshwater streams in places all over the world are being taken over. By rock snot. Bacteria-laced algae can rapidly spread along the rockbeds in streams and rivers. It clings to rocks and forms layers of slimy ooze that can really mess with the ecosystem. Plants, fish and other organisms are harmed by the invading snot. The […]

A Mission from God: Swim to Liberty


A 29-year-old man jumped into the water at New York Harbor and started swimming toward Liberty Island. People watched as he stripped and dove into the cold water to attempt a three-quarter mile swim. He says God told him to do it. The man had to be rescued 45 minutes later when he realized he […]