February 8, 2016

6 Very Confusing Signs


Coming across signs like these might make you confused. Don’t panic. There must be a logical explanation. There is a reason for each and every sign, right? Why else would someone take the time to install something to indicate a message to passersby. Would they really find it funny to confuse anyone who looked at […]

Weirdos from Planet Earth (8 Pics)


Everyone is weird in their own ways. But some people show more than others. Some try to hide the strange. Others display it in public. Maybe that’s a good thing; to remind us that the world is a big place with many people. And all of them are weirdos.

5 Funny Motivational Posters


Those motivational posters you always saw in your elementary school classroom would have been much better if they looked like these. These posters cut right to the truth of life and the universe. They are more helpful in providing wise insights into the journey of life in this bizarre world. Once learned, these lessons will […]

9 Weird Liquors From Around The World

weird liquors from around the world

Despite all of our differences—ethnic, religious, geographical, political—the one thing that binds us human beings together as a species is our need to get drunk. From the dawn of time, almost every culture all over the world has figured out ingenious and (sometimes) tasty ways to make (and ingest) alcoholic beverages. Today, certain methods for […]

The Weirdest Stock Photos (8 Pics)


Stock image sites have very skewed views on what is normal. Be careful when visiting such a website, it can be a portal into a twilight zone of strange people and situations. You can’t trust what your eyes tell you, and if you see the old lumberjack with the pink tree… run.

13 Examples Of Godawful Christmas Decorations

disturbing santa sex ornament

Don’t look now, folks, but Christmas is just about two weeks away. So if you haven’t brought your Christmas decorations down from the attic and dusted them off yet, you’d better hop to it this weekend. On the other hand, maybe it’s time to invest in some new decorations. That fake garland you had stuffed […]

14 Weird Liquor Laws

weird liquor laws

There are lots of dumb laws in the world, but perhaps none as dumb as those regulating the sale and consumption of alcohol. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that most booze laws seek to prohibit or reduce the consumption of alcohol, one might suspect that they were written by a bunch of […]

5 Messed Up Signs


Each one of these signs is confusing and weird. Some things seem lost in translation and convey something completely unintentional and nonsensical. If  you come across a sign like this, it might be best not to follow directions. Unless you’re looking for a professional for your mini horse.

15 Of The World’s Most Crazy Toilets

racist urinal

Everybody needs a toilet. It’s one of life’s basic necessities. That doesn’t mean your toilet has to be boring. Sure, you could go with the basic white porcelain commode—that’s the safe approach. But you use the thing every single day, so why not make things a little more interesting? To give you some ideas for […]

Weird Japan (9 Pics)


We reach the ultimate weirdness in a visit to Japan. The people of this country know how to be weird, they are like masters of the art. Never will an outsider understand the intricacies of what they do, but they will continue the adventure anyways. We will one day return to this strange land… this […]