February 10, 2016

12 Creepy Sexual Fetishes

creepy sexual fetishes

According to George Michael, “sex is natural / sex is good / not everybody does it / but everybody should.” Of course, he obviously didn’t have the advantage of reading Oddball Daily’s list of bizarre sexual disorders before he penned his classic tune, “I Want Your Sex.” Also, that bit of wisdom came from a […]

Weird South Korea (13 Pics)


Our next installment in the ‘weird’ series shows a rather different side of South Korea. I think their proximity to Japan created some kind of weird wormhole into the minds some people there. The weird is channeled over the East Sea west of Japan. Once it travels into their brains, it takes hold and manifests […]

9 Weird Christmas Albums To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

weird christmas albums

Even though they’ve been playing Christmas music through those tinny speakers at the grocery store since November 1, today the real countdown to everyone’s favorite holiday begins in earnest. This means that, finally, you can actually start listening to Christmas music without people thinking you’re some kind of weirdo—unless you happen to be listening to […]

Freaky Stuffed Toys (9 Pics)

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

These toys would probably give many kids nightmares for years to come. Where does one even buy some of these? There must be some creepy back-alley shop where messed up elves slave away at their sick craft. This is what happens when the creator is given complete freedom.

9 Weird Plants From Around The World

Adansonia grandidieri

The natural world is a strange and mysterious place filled with a number of bizarre organisms. Here at Oddball Daily, we’ve covered some of these curiosities before—like terrifying undersea creatures, or insanely creepy bugs. Today, we take a look at the stranger side of organisms we don’t usually find creepy: plants. Seriously, plants. There are […]

9 Weirdest Cat Breeds

cornish rex cat

Have you ever noticed how, if you say you have a dog, people will ask you what kind, but if you say you have a cat they just nod? For some reason, the general public seems to care about dog breeds, but not cat breeds. Hell, I had a cat for 15 years, and I […]

Weird China (12 Pics)


The U.S. and Japan aren’t the only countries full of weird people doing weird things. China has such a large population that there’s bound to be some odd happenings. Here are some photos showing that citizens of China know how to go against the norm and go all out crazy.

11 Most Bizarre Smartphone Apps

bio feedback constipation clinic

Just about any problem you will encounter in the modern can be solved by an app on your Android or iPhone. Whether you are building a deck and can’t find your level, or out and about when suddenly struck by the urge to see the latest Twilight flick, there is always an app that can […]

5 Weirdest Magazines


You probably won’t find these in your doctor’s waiting room. These are magazines you find in a dirty alley when you’re lost somewhere in the streets of Amsterdam. Nobody knows where they come from. But someone out there is working away, turning out content for the monthly Drunkard magazine. 1. American Manhood – The Virile […]

Baffling Korean Comic (20 Pics)


This comic makes little to no sense. The artwork is atrocious. It’s offensive. But I still read it all the way through. And apparently it’s viral in Korea. This is the English translated version. See what you make of the insanity and the elastic hip of our protagonist whose name is Johnson and his gender […]