February 6, 2016

7 Perfect Moments with Animals


Humans are not the only animals with a range of personality and weirdness. All kinds of interactions happen every day in the animal kingdom. Sometimes they clash and sometimes they create harmony.

9 Fastest Land Animals


Remember in grade school when the fastest kid was always the coolest and most popular? Well, if that was the case in the animal kingdom, this list would constitute the animal Rat Pack. Comprised of both the hunters and the hunted, the fastest animals in the world are all “engineered” that way for survival. Starting […]

9 Fastest Dog Breeds


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but many of them could bolt out the door pretty damn quickly if you give them reason to. While most large dogs can outrun a human, the nine breeds listed below are the fastest, with the fastest among them raced for sport. Virtually all the entrants are hunting dogs, […]

9 Largest National Parks In The Contiguous United States


This would have been the 9 largest parks in the entire US, but the fact that 11 out of the 12 largest parks are in Alaska means this list would have been pretty homogeneous. Not sure if anyone would be as excited about “The Largest National Parks in Alaska.” I think maybe not. Since Hawaii […]