February 12, 2016

9 Richest World Leaders


You know what’s more impressive than power? Power AND money, which all the entrants on this list have in spades. They might not be winning an beauty contests, but they can declare war on you if you make fun of them, which is way cooler than winning a beauty contest. 9. Mohammed VI – King […]

9 Of The World’s Worst Dictators


No matter how bad you think much of the Western world’s democratically elected leaders are, it could be way, way worse. As this list demonstrates, the world is peppered with many leaders who quite literally do as they please, controlling the military and media to such an extent that there is very little accountability. These […]

The 9 Hottest Women In Foreign Politics


Power may be sexy, but you know what’s even sexier? Just being regular sexy. However, if you combine sexiness and power, you end up with these 9 foreign political leaders, who look just as at-home in front of a camera as they do on the floor of the senate, or parliament, or stonecutters lodge, or […]